6 Worst Travel Trailer Brands (Don’t Buy Any of These)

Learn which travel trailer brands you should avoid and why. 

Following months of planning and saving, your travel itinerary is final, ready entertainment and your kids are even on board to call a recreational vehicle home for a few weeks. Everyone’s spirit is high, and you cannot wait to explore the world.

So, imagine your disappointment when your travel trailer fails to work as expected a few days into your trip. What do you do then?

The cost of repairs and replacement of parts is always too high, and sinking the spirits of your kin isn’t the best way to spend the holidays.

To avoid any of these from happening, you’ve got to get the best trailer brand.

It may cost more than you bargained for, but when you know that you are buying a high-quality travel trailer, the high cost won’t hurt as much.

This article will give you an idea on how to save a fortune by avoiding rookie trailer vehicle mistakes.

Before we get in deep, it is important to note that the travel trailer brands with less than satisfactory performance are not always the unknown or historically poor brands.

These brands are well known in the recreational travel world thanks to the advanced marketing and advertising strategies by the brands.

With that out of the way, here is a look at some of the travel trailer brands to avoid.

Worst Travel Trailer Brands According to Reviews

kid next to rv

1. Coachmen

Although the Coachmen RV brand is a subsidiary of the Forest River RV Brand, one of the best RV brands around, their recreational vehicles have received a big number of complaints in the past few years.

Despite the brand’s presence on the market from 1964, and the fact that Coachmen has produced several types and models of recreational vehicles, the vehicles fail to meet or barely satisfy the unique needs of the RV users.

First of all, it is important to mention the fact that this RV has an impressive design and elegant features like the programmable thermostat and the electric leveling. But other than these reasons, some of the reasons why you should avoid this RV brand like the plague include:

The New 2016 Coachmen Brookstone, for example, lacks a valve on the fresh water drain. Also, whenever you move things, parts like the screws and the electrical insulation bits fall off. It has many loose and crooked screws which tell you that the quality of this travel trailer is poor. Other issues include broken lounge chairs, broken electric levelers, leaking showers, and the poor quality material on the passenger seats wear off soon after you start using the RV. Some of the Coachmen models with issues include 2015 Coachman/Freedom Express, 2015 Coachman Prism, 2016 Coachmen Brookstone and the Coachmen 276RKDA, among others.

With these notable on-road and off-road technical difficulties, it is no wonder most first-hand users, as well as owners, are disappointed by the quality of the RV.

Some people still argue for this RV brand as they buy the Coachmen RVs noting that they work well. However, going by the negative reviews given for this RV brand, we consider it the one travel trailer brand to avoid.

2. Keystone

Although this travel trailer is marketed as the most durable travel trailer with excellent fuel economy and spacious interiors, it doesn’t quite cut it for most travelers.

There are several complaints by owners and users including structural and technical issues. Also, some users complain that the website isn’t to use and the customer care unreliable.

Also, there are some reports of the cabinet doors falling off and having poorly designed control boards.

Considering these shortcomings, this brand may not be your best choice.

3. Winnebago

This is one of the travel trailer brands that elicits mixed reactions. For some users and owners, it is their best, but for a large majority, this travel trailer brand is a good waste of resources.

As one of the newer, most improving travel trailer brands on the market, it has several fans. Unfortunately, their good name isn’t upheld when you look at some of its drawbacks.

For most users, this travel trailer has several issues associated with the finishing on the walls and the installation of the front walls. There are several reports of the inner walls being bent and rendering the trailer unsafe.’

Also, there are reports of poor customer service and the company failing to honor their warranties.

With most parts poorly constructed, you have to take it to the repair shop too many times, and that is disappointing and expensive.

They come with electrical faults as well.

Looking at these complaints, it is apparent that this RV brand pays little or less than adequate attention to the quality of its products. Failing to respond to the complaints of their customers or giving insufficient answers makes it difficult to trust this brand.

Did we mention that this brand claims that they cannot give their customers what they don’t have? This is not only stressful but unprofessional. For these reasons, you want to avoid Winnebago as your travel trailer brand of choice.

4. Hurricane

There is a lot said about the Hurricane RV. Unfortunately, the brand’s popularity isn’t because this is the best creation by Thor Motor Coach but because the travel trailer brand comes burdened with numerous issues that leave owners and users with regrets.

If we were to gauge an RV by the interior design alone, then this would be the best RV as it has working stations, enough family space, and a big enough kitchen. However, that isn’t what customers are seeing.

This brand is currently down nowhere on the list of the best travel trailers because of several reported issues. The problems with this travel trailer include, but not limited to:

The hydraulic lines used for the auto-stabilizer jacks are of poor quality, and they ooze hydraulic fluid. The lines are also flimsy, and they can fly off when driving.

The company delivers poor customer service to its customers, and you may have to cover repairs out of pocket because they may deny you the warranty.

Even when new, you will have some issues to deal with, and you will be surprised when you find that most of the materials used aren’t new.

Taking all these into account, this isn’t the best travel trailer to buy, and experts advise against it.

5. Jayco

Although the users of this travel trailer share divided opinions, the RV doesn’t have glowing reviews all over.

Soon after buying it and after getting it home, you will realize that you paid for more than you should. Not because it looks terrible but because most parts do not function as they should.

It requires a lot of work once it starts malfunctioning. Water floods the interiors, and there are several missing fixtures.  There also are issues with the oven hood and the installation of the toilet seat which is crooked.

Considering all the reviews and the experiences of unhappy customers, it is clear that this travel trailer is cheaply and poorly designed just to look good. If you intend to make this RV as your home, you should consider other options.

6. Fleetwood

This is one of the most respected RV brands on the market has been around for decades. The performance and the quality of the RV have been lauded over the years. However, there have been changes, and instead of positive reviews and recommendations, there is an increase in the number of negative reviews and complaints.

Some of the complaints include:

  • Poor after-sale services
  • Battery and charging problems
  • The seat covers deteriorate fast especially in warm regions
  • Water damage
  • Problems with honoring of warranty
  • Leveling
  • system doesn’t work well
  • Poor customer service

With these factors under consideration, it is clear that you are better off with other travel trailer brands.

How To Choose A Good Travel Trailer Brand?

The choice of the best recreational vehicle depends on your needs and the numbers on your bank account. However, this doesn’t mean buying a travel trailer from any of the brands mentioned above. These brands have a few positive reviews, but you should look at the big picture to make sure that you don’t start complaining after spending your money.

Some of the things you should consider when buying the best travel trailer include:

  • Camping location

For the best experience, your travel trailer should fit on the camping site of your dreams. The Class A RVs are suitable for the full-amenity RV parks. You also have to take into account the power. While small travel trailers are easy to pack, the large travel trailers offer more space but you will be hard pressed in terms of parking space.

  • User Reviews

What are other buyers saying about a brand or the majority of travel trailer models under a particular brand name? If there are many complaints, you should avoid buying that RV, keep looking for the RV with desirable features. Even though the trailers aren’t perfect, choose the ones that come with minor issues you can fix.

  • Truck

The worst mistake you can make is buying a travel trailer which is incompatible with your truck. The truck size must match the size of the fifth wheel you intend to pull.

Considering these features ensures that you get the best trailer brand that meets your needs.

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Happiness and warmth, this is what Kelly looks around and her first bike ride was like a magical part of herself in which she tapped. Doesn’t it feel more living? Like riding her bike around New York city and yelling at people who are in her way. By all means, Kelly does what she wants. She does everything, including cardio, screaming, people, and looking at the city and the people around who are fun and seems magical to her. For her, every part is magical apart from the one who says I am really f**** sad or my life sucks and is boring and if such a situation strikes, it’s high time for finding that part within us, which still really is fun.

Kelly is an adventurous person and her adventure with bike rides and trying new things to get little happiness; it might seem insane but is truly enjoying.

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With the interviews conducted and the people Kelly has made to date, the consider her quite humorous, adventurous, and open and for Kelly, the biggest risk she took to date was stopping herself from doing drugs, which expectedly did help her to grow.

She is well-determined and a published author of “if you have to cry, go outside,” the best-selling biz guide. Her approach is hard-driving and her talks are straight forward and anything she wants her readers through her book is to go balls and follow their dreams. Her working style is old school and the cards she has; they are imprinted with jugglers, whimsical characters, and jesters, which does show a creative side of her. But what is most amazing about her is her bike ride and her craziness towards it, which makes her life the best possible, every day of her life. Wish all could start doing this and pick themselves for once in a while to have that happy moment and find that happy thing they keep within them.

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