I cannot believe it has been so long since I have updated my blog. There have been so many changes, events and tons of travel as usual.

Here are some of my highlights for September!!!

Ava’s first day of School

Here she is on the stoop – full of good will, had a hot breakfast and off we go!!!!

Just minutes later, I am being put in check! SNAP! For my Sleepy Mommy Fashion Week inability to get Ms. Ava a taxi quick enough!!!


Just before NY Fashion Week started – we quickly ran upstate to check on our property. Here’s what it looked like 2 weeks after Irene!!!


NY Fashion Week Sept 9-16th

Never a dull moment. There are a few things you can count on every season. Sudden illness from stress and fatigue is a recurring theme during Fashion Week. Fluttering eye lids replete with uncontrollable spasms, hives, quivering lips, shaky hands, tightening of chest, bronchitis, AHHHH! The list goes on and on. This season was an extra special DOOZY. After the Nicholas K fashion show I was feeling so ill. I was afraid to lie down as it was 11 in the morning and frankly it would look unprofessional, strange, Whacky – so I decided to tell my team I was headed out for a walk.

Designers Chris & Nicholas Kunz with their dog Jake! I heart Jake.

I could not be gone long because I had to come back to Lincoln Center for the Mara Hoffman presentation. I felt dizzy, clammy, and woozy – finally I looked up and saw the welcoming exterior of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, I walked in and headed for the Spa. “May I please book a massage?” I asked. Finally, I laid down and fell quickly to sleep. “Madame, are you ok?” I heard a voice ask. “Oh, Yes!” I responded. I hopped off the table, got dressed and went to pay.

As I stood in front of the reception desk my chest tightened, my heart pounded, I almost stopped breathing…. HOLY FUCK BATMAN I am having a heart attack I said to myself. I quickly glanced around and surmised this was the perfect place to drop – the Mandarin surely would not want a death of a single mom on their hands in the middle of fashion week at their spa  ….

For sure they would get the best ambulance there faster than you could say Roger Rabbit!!! A few minutes went by – all the symptoms stayed the same – I was left standing. Ok I thought to myself, time to take this party to the streets. I slowly walked back like the star of some bad Sundance channel indie movie – I arrived to the Lincoln Center and produced the Mara show. Oh yeah, one more thing – the air conditioning broke at the tents, and it was 100 degrees inside!!! Once the show was over, I went to urgent care and was diagnosed with Walking Pneumonia. I was given antibiotics and my very first Inhaler!!!! I felt like all those Hollywood actresses who love to use Inhalers!!!


NYPD Special Forces here with automatic rifles – Just in case some Fashionista loses it?! WTF

Just below – Legend David Codikow, my manager and production partner, with Surf King and Co Founder of Surfers Healing, Izzy Paskowitz. People’s Revolution will be doing free PR for Surfers Healing in 2012. Check out their site at MAHALO

Amanda Harding and I stumbled into this Alice in Wonderland Cups ride on our way back from dinner, post Jeremy Scott show.

Who doesn’t love a little bit of The Cobra Snake for fashion week?! He is a genius shooter and overall international sensation! I love me some Marc – check out his site

One Hot Momma – Here is designer Mara Hoffman backstage with her models. Tigi did this Frida Kahlo inspired hair. Mara never disappoints and her collection this season was off the hook.

The brilliant bad ass bad boy of fashion making His-Story come true – Mr. Jeremy Scott !! His chaps won the cover of the NY Post the next day!!!!

TAKE ME TO THE RIVER!!! I had to corner model River backstage at Jeremy Scott for a quick pick me up shot to send to my friend Perez Hilton. This was Tweet of the day for Perez! OH Yes!

That’s a wrap babe!


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