Kelly : How to Start Your Indoor Gardening This Winter At Your Home

Indoor gardening is a lot of fun and one of the best ways to grow plants but as the winter comes as it protects your plants from the cold weather and you can use several ways to provide it with adequate lighting and nutrients. So, here are a few ways in which you can start your indoor gardening during the winter time:

Keep your plants near the window

One of the best ways to ensure that your indoor garden grows well in the winter is by placing it near a window so that your plants can get a decent amount of natural light to grow properly. The best plants to grow for such scenario would be lettuce, carrots, beets, and so on. One thing to take care of that your window sills shouldn’t get damaged by water.

Invest in grow lights

Another way to grow your plants this winter is by getting a grow light which can provide your plants with additional light and allows you to grow plants like strawberries and tomatoes. You have many types of grow lights available which include fluorescent lights and T-5 bulbs. A T-5 bulb is a better option as it tends to last for a longer time than a fluorescent light and uses less energy too.

Get hydroponic systems

You could also consider getting hydroponic systems for your home which allow you to grow a few plants at a time. You can grow around 3-7 plants depending on your hydroponic garden model and if you want to create a large scale garden, then you can do that too. You also have an option to design your own hydroponic system or get a system which is set and ready to use.

Buy an aeroponic system

Another way to grow your plants indoor is by getting an aeroponic system for your house which will allow you to grow your plants without the need of a soil. This type of system doesn’t require its plants’ roots to be submerged in water and only needs them to be misted with water. One of the most popular aeroponic systems is the Tower gardens, or you can go for aerogarden bounty elite. You can also create your own aeroponic system with the help of a 5-gallon bucket.

Try aquaponics systems

Aquaponics system is the final way in which you can grow your plants inside during the cold weather. In hydroponic and aeroponic systems, you needed to add the nutrients to the water but in an aquaponics system, you use fish’s waste to fertilize your plants which make it a cheaper alternative. A popular aquaponics system is the Back to the Roots system and a newly released aquaponic system is Aqualibrium which allows you to grow more food in a limited space.

Now that you know about all these various techniques to get started on your plants, what are you waiting for? Get out your gardening apron and get to work. Plant food items which keep you warm and healthy this winters.…

Kelly Tips :7 Ways To Get Saggy Breast In Shape After Breastfeeding

It is a common fact that once you start breastfeeding your breasts will start sagging a little bit. As your baby pulls on your breast nipples with his/her mouth, your breasts are bound to lose their firmness and will start to sag in your bras. No one likes a saggy breast, least of all the nursing mother herself. So, how can you protect your breasts from sagging?

Just follow these simple steps and you will be able to get your breasts back in shape in no time.

  1. Exercise

It is a no surprise really but exercising right could really help you in getting your breast back in shape. Exercising is a great way to tone your body and your breasts are no different. Regularly exercise and incorporate chess presses, push ups, arm raises, dumbbell fly’s, running etc.  It’s good if you will take your baby out for jogging, but use best strollers for jogging for baby’s safety. So add exercises in your routine and you will see that your breasts perk up in no time at all.

  1. Breast massage

Another great way to remove the sagginess from your breast would be by regularly massaging them with olive oil or some other oil. It tends to stimulate the blood circulation and promote the strengthening of tissues and muscles which all results in improving your breast shape and preventing sagging of your breast.

  1. Eat right

One of the best ways to regain your breast’s firm texture is by eating nutrient-rich and protein-rich food. In fact, a regular intake of estrogen-rich food will increase your body’s estrogen level and will help you regain your firm breast shape again.

  1. Wear a fit bra

A good way to prevent sagging would be to wear a good bra which fits your breast and provides them with adequate support. Most people don’t realize the importance of a well-fitted bra and tend to ignore this, thereby resulting in the saggy breast.

  1. Have a good breastfeeding posture

Make sure that you don’t lean or slouch when you are feeding your baby, don’t let them drag you down to their level, instead you need to raise them up to your level. You can use cushions or chairs to make sure that you are sitting upright while breastfeeding your baby and the cushion provides the adequate support to your baby to bring him/her to your breast level. For more baby care tips , you can also refer Newmomvintage.

  1. Moisturize them

Make sure that you keep your breast hydrated and moisturized at all times as this will surely help in keeping your skin supple and elastic. It can also help in the tightening of the skin and will help in reducing the stretch marks on your breast while developing them into a firmer shape.

  1. Ice massages

Another great way to reduce your breast sagging is by performing ice massaging on them. All you have to do is take ice cubes and massage them on your breast in a circular motion and dry it immediately and then put on a bra. This will help in regaining your original shape as the cold temperature will make the breast tissues contract and will make your breast appear firmer and fitter.…