Kelly : How to Start Your Indoor Gardening This Winter At Your Home

Indoor gardening is a lot of fun and one of the best ways to grow plants but as the winter comes as it protects your plants from the cold weather and you can use several ways to provide it with adequate lighting and nutrients. So, here are a few ways in which you can start your indoor gardening during the winter time:

Keep your plants near the window

One of the best ways to ensure that your indoor garden grows well in the winter is by placing it near a window so that your plants can get a decent amount of natural light to grow properly. The best plants to grow for such scenario would be lettuce, carrots, beets, and so on. One thing to take care of that your window sills shouldn’t get damaged by water.

Invest in grow lights

Another way to grow your plants this winter is by getting a grow light which can provide your plants with additional light and allows you to grow plants like strawberries and tomatoes. You have many types of grow lights available which include fluorescent lights and T-5 bulbs. A T-5 bulb is a better option as it tends to last for a longer time than a fluorescent light and uses less energy too.

Get hydroponic systems

You could also consider getting hydroponic systems for your home which allow you to grow a few plants at a time. You can grow around 3-7 plants depending on your hydroponic garden model and if you want to create a large scale garden, then you can do that too. You also have an option to design your own hydroponic system or get a system which is set and ready to use.

Buy an aeroponic system

Another way to grow your plants indoor is by getting an aeroponic system for your house which will allow you to grow your plants without the need of a soil. This type of system doesn’t require its plants’ roots to be submerged in water and only needs them to be misted with water. One of the most popular aeroponic systems is the Tower gardens, or you can go for aerogarden bounty elite. You can also create your own aeroponic system with the help of a 5-gallon bucket.

Try aquaponics systems

Aquaponics system is the final way in which you can grow your plants inside during the cold weather. In hydroponic and aeroponic systems, you needed to add the nutrients to the water but in an aquaponics system, you use fish’s waste to fertilize your plants which make it a cheaper alternative. A popular aquaponics system is the Back to the Roots system and a newly released aquaponic system is Aqualibrium which allows you to grow more food in a limited space.

Now that you know about all these various techniques to get started on your plants, what are you waiting for? Get out your gardening apron and get to work. Plant food items which keep you warm and healthy this winters.…

Kelly Tips :7 Ways To Get Saggy Breast In Shape After Breastfeeding

It is a common fact that once you start breastfeeding your breasts will start sagging a little bit. As your baby pulls on your breast nipples with his/her mouth, your breasts are bound to lose their firmness and will start to sag in your bras. No one likes a saggy breast, least of all the nursing mother herself. So, how can you protect your breasts from sagging?

Just follow these simple steps and you will be able to get your breasts back in shape in no time.

  1. Exercise

It is a no surprise really but exercising right could really help you in getting your breast back in shape. Exercising is a great way to tone your body and your breasts are no different. Regularly exercise and incorporate chess presses, push ups, arm raises, dumbbell fly’s, running etc.  It’s good if you will take your baby out for jogging, but use best strollers for jogging for baby’s safety. So add exercises in your routine and you will see that your breasts perk up in no time at all.

  1. Breast massage

Another great way to remove the sagginess from your breast would be by regularly massaging them with olive oil or some other oil. It tends to stimulate the blood circulation and promote the strengthening of tissues and muscles which all results in improving your breast shape and preventing sagging of your breast.

  1. Eat right

One of the best ways to regain your breast’s firm texture is by eating nutrient-rich and protein-rich food. In fact, a regular intake of estrogen-rich food will increase your body’s estrogen level and will help you regain your firm breast shape again.

  1. Wear a fit bra

A good way to prevent sagging would be to wear a good bra which fits your breast and provides them with adequate support. Most people don’t realize the importance of a well-fitted bra and tend to ignore this, thereby resulting in the saggy breast.

  1. Have a good breastfeeding posture

Make sure that you don’t lean or slouch when you are feeding your baby, don’t let them drag you down to their level, instead you need to raise them up to your level. You can use cushions or chairs to make sure that you are sitting upright while breastfeeding your baby and the cushion provides the adequate support to your baby to bring him/her to your breast level. For more baby care tips , you can also refer Newmomvintage.

  1. Moisturize them

Make sure that you keep your breast hydrated and moisturized at all times as this will surely help in keeping your skin supple and elastic. It can also help in the tightening of the skin and will help in reducing the stretch marks on your breast while developing them into a firmer shape.

  1. Ice massages

Another great way to reduce your breast sagging is by performing ice massaging on them. All you have to do is take ice cubes and massage them on your breast in a circular motion and dry it immediately and then put on a bra. This will help in regaining your original shape as the cold temperature will make the breast tissues contract and will make your breast appear firmer and fitter.…


I cannot believe it has been so long since I have updated my blog. There have been so many changes, events and tons of travel as usual.

Here are some of my highlights for September!!!

Ava’s first day of School

Here she is on the stoop – full of good will, had a hot breakfast and off we go!!!!

Just minutes later, I am being put in check! SNAP! For my Sleepy Mommy Fashion Week inability to get Ms. Ava a taxi quick enough!!!


Just before NY Fashion Week started – we quickly ran upstate to check on our property. Here’s what it looked like 2 weeks after Irene!!!


NY Fashion Week Sept 9-16th

Never a dull moment. There are a few things you can count on every season. Sudden illness from stress and fatigue is a recurring theme during Fashion Week. Fluttering eye lids replete with uncontrollable spasms, hives, quivering lips, shaky hands, tightening of chest, bronchitis, AHHHH! The list goes on and on. This season was an extra special DOOZY. After the Nicholas K fashion show I was feeling so ill. I was afraid to lie down as it was 11 in the morning and frankly it would look unprofessional, strange, Whacky – so I decided to tell my team I was headed out for a walk.

Designers Chris & Nicholas Kunz with their dog Jake! I heart Jake.

I could not be gone long because I had to come back to Lincoln Center for the Mara Hoffman presentation. I felt dizzy, clammy, and woozy – finally I looked up and saw the welcoming exterior of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, I walked in and headed for the Spa. “May I please book a massage?” I asked. Finally, I laid down and fell quickly to sleep. “Madame, are you ok?” I heard a voice ask. “Oh, Yes!” I responded. I hopped off the table, got dressed and went to pay.

As I stood in front of the reception desk my chest tightened, my heart pounded, I almost stopped breathing…. HOLY FUCK BATMAN I am having a heart attack I said to myself. I quickly glanced around and surmised this was the perfect place to drop – the Mandarin surely would not want a death of a single mom on their hands in the middle of fashion week at their spa  ….

For sure they would get the best ambulance there faster than you could say Roger Rabbit!!! A few minutes went by – all the symptoms stayed the same – I was left standing. Ok I thought to myself, time to take this party to the streets. I slowly walked back like the star of some bad Sundance channel indie movie – I arrived to the Lincoln Center and produced the Mara show. Oh yeah, one more thing – the air conditioning broke at the tents, and it was 100 degrees inside!!! Once the show was over, I went to urgent care and was diagnosed with Walking Pneumonia. I was given antibiotics and my very first Inhaler!!!! I felt like all those Hollywood actresses who love to use Inhalers!!!


NYPD Special Forces here with automatic rifles – Just in case some Fashionista loses it?! WTF

Just below – Legend David Codikow, my manager and production partner, with Surf King and Co Founder of Surfers Healing, Izzy Paskowitz. People’s Revolution will be doing free PR for Surfers Healing in 2012. Check out their site at MAHALO

Amanda Harding and I stumbled into this Alice in Wonderland Cups ride on our way back from dinner, post Jeremy Scott show.

Who doesn’t love a little bit of The Cobra Snake for fashion week?! He is a genius shooter and overall international sensation! I love me some Marc – check out his site

One Hot Momma – Here is designer Mara Hoffman backstage with her models. Tigi did this Frida Kahlo inspired hair. Mara never disappoints and her collection this season was off the hook.

The brilliant bad ass bad boy of fashion making His-Story come true – Mr. Jeremy Scott !! His chaps won the cover of the NY Post the next day!!!!

TAKE ME TO THE RIVER!!! I had to corner model River backstage at Jeremy Scott for a quick pick me up shot to send to my friend Perez Hilton. This was Tweet of the day for Perez! OH Yes!

That’s a wrap babe!…


On Friday, August 26th, I grabbed my daughter, now known as Ava Bieber, my designer / astrologer friend Gilian Chavet and we headed for my country home. I mean after all we were just about to start fashion week, had already experienced an earthquake and seriously, I was in no mood for black outs, riots or devastation. I called friends who were psychics and all instructed me to head for the hills, get out of New York LICKETY SPLITSVILLE ALOHAAAA!!!!. I instructed all of the team at People’s Revolution to go home early, familiarize themselves with hurricane procedures and to take refuge. I phoned some of my closest friends and Grand street tribal members: Rupert Noffs, Cheff Matty Bee, Designer Tamara Magel, MTV Exec Shannon Fitzgerald and let them know mi casa was their crib for the storm. “Hurry,” I said, it is going to be a disaster.

On Saturday, I woke up to an overcast and drizzly day. I quickly ran out to the farmers market and stocked up on the most luxurious seasonal offerings; after all I thought I would be feeding a small army, right? WRONG! The only person of my invited guests to take the journey was my friend Shannon. I cooked an amazing meal. We played together, sat by the fire, laughed and prepared for the great storm.

I never believed that Irene would have the fucking balls to attack my home. I pray to the Universal Mother and I worship the force of nature, surely the Mother would not eat one of her own? At 9:30 Shannon came into my room and said – “Kell, um you better come downstairs, the water is getting really high.”

I ran downstairs and sure enough the water was filling up. This is a perfect time for meditation we declared and we placed this beautiful white chair in front of the window.


Here is where we sat and watched Irene. Still we were confident our house would be saved.

Suddenly Shannon called out – We are flooding in here! Ava Bieber and I ran in to join her and we began to bail our utility room with three very odd tools: a plastic bowl, a cup and a scoop. Over 25 buckets of water were filled when Irene became unstoppable. We opened up the door to wave for help to the passing fire department – they hooted their horn and waved while driving by. Oh lord we thought – we are going to get taken down.

We quickly called 911 who explained to us not to move, as the force of the water would throw us down. Our street was already in evacuation process. As the fireman arrived at the top of the driveway (luckily Gil and I had a psychic vision to move the car to the top of my driveway earlier), the 100 gallon propane tank dislodged from the side of the house and literally dribbled like a basketball up the driveway and exploded. Pow Fizz zzzzzzzz ppapapapapapapap bam!!!!!

The fireman instructed us to run to the top of the house. “Mommy, are we going to die here?” Ava asked. “No, of course not,” I responded. “Yes we are Mommy.” “No we are not Ava.” “Yes we are, you are just saying that to be a good mommy. That’s what good mommy’s do.” “No I assured her,” if we were dying I would let her know and we would prepare for that. The day was getting grueling, we were tiring and to be honest we were disappointed that are firemen were not the calendar type. The firemen were starting to scream at us – Ladies they said leave everything – Shannon was grabbing her neon yellow bespoke bag, a Louis Vuitton scarf and her computer, Gil was grabbing her jewelry and computer and me, well Ava’s stuffed animal and my laptop. “LADIES THIS NOT A FASHION SHOW,” THEY SCREAMED. “YOU ARE IN GRAVE DANGER – THE HOUSE DOWN THE ROAD IS OFF ITS FOUNDATION AND ABOUT TO SLAM INTO YOU. WE ARE THROWING YOU A HARNESS AND ROPES – TAKE NOTHING –“

This is about 30 minutes before our rescue, view of my front yard

Shannon Fitzgerald, in true leadership form, exclaimed, “sorry, I am not listening to these Jokers, I worked my ass off to pay for this shit – it’s coming with me.” Ava said, “mommy do they know all of your bags cost as much as a car?” I, for some unknown reason, listened, left my belongings, but stuffed Ava’s stuffed animal, my keys and Blackberry down my leggings and hoisted myself into a harness and was the first one out. Seriously, Hurricane walking could be a new isometric exercise. WHOA!!!!

When they went to pull me out of the harness, my precious life-connecting blackberry was dislodged and was swept away by that bitch Irene.

Next Ava, Gillian and then Shannon were pulled to safety! Shannon had all her gear in full Amazonian effect. We were not happy with our rescue. The firemen told us to hop on the truck and they would take us to a shelter. Shelter? Um I think not – I am headed to the Mohonk hotel for dinner.

Shannon politely declined, continuing on with the journey, and quickly called a car service to come fetch her and take her back to Manhattan! I loved that it was Devil wears Prada meets Pipi Longstocking. We said our good byes with a newfound love and understanding of one another.

Gillian, Ava and I four wheeled our way through police barricades. We were full of tricks and not stopping till we hit the Mohonk!

Below- The inviting and always wonderful Mohonk.

I woke up the next morning and headed back to my country house to find this!!

The good news is my Vivienne Westwood Dining Room was spared!!! Onward and Upward…


Entrants Across North America Asked to Describe How Normal Has Gotten Them Nowhere

TORONTO, June 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ Kobo, a global leader in eReading with more than 4 million users worldwide, today announced the launch of a new essay contest in which the winner will enjoy a private power lunch with television personality and New York Times bestselling author Kelly Cutrone.

Today through July 8, 2011, Cutrone fans can visit and write a short essay answer to the question: How has normal has gotten you nowhere and how are you ready to make new moves?

Open to residents of the continental United States and Canada (excluding Quebec), the winning essay will be chosen by Cutrone. The winner will be flown to Toronto to power lunch with the author. Cutrone will share her unique brand of no-nonsense wisdom to help the winner move forward in his or her life.

Kelly was recently in Toronto and expressed her love of Kobo as well as her desire to work with us in a way which would be truly meaningful for her fans. Kelly loves Canada and was keen to partner with Kobo on this content, said Liz Ridout, vice president of marketing at Kobo.

Toronto stole my heart. Anytime I can come to Toronto to see my friends and fans is a good day! said Cutrone.

Cutrone has been a force in the fashion industry for more than 25 years. She quickly moved from industry icon to media maverick, originally appearing on MTVs hit shows The Hills and The City. She executive produced and appeared on the Bravo series Kell on Earth and is a special contributor on the syndicated Dr. Phil show. Cutrone has penned two books: national and New York Times bestseller If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You and Normal Gets You Nowhere, released in May 2011 by HarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollins.

To enter the contest, visit Deadline for entry is July 8, 2011. No purchase is necessary to compete in this contest. The winning entry will be made available on Kobos Facebook page after being selected.…